Monday, June 30, 2008

Little Fishies!

Today was a great relaxing day. We pretty much hung around the house most of the day. The boys played outside for awhile while Zane and I relaxed inside. Zane and I laid out on the living room floor and played for quite awhile. This was the face he kept making everytime I went to tickle his feet. It's like he knew I was up to no good. Zane also got a papasan chair from his Tata. He's loves his chair. He's so relaxed when he's in it. Zane also had occupational therapy today with Laura. Laura had him sitting on the red ball and playing the piano. She also had him hold a red hammer so that he could bang on top of the bugs heads to make them go down inside the bed. Don't ask it's a toy. After occupational therapy we went over to our good friends house for some swimming. Logan, Caden, and Morgan had a blast splashing around and dumping water on poor Daisy's head. Daisy is Morgan's dog. Logan is so funny because he thinks he can not go under water without goggles on. If he doesn't have them then he won't swim. They are like magic goggles to him or something. Caden kept jumping off the stairs into the water and terrorizing poor Daisy. I felt so sorry for the dog. She was soaked by the time the kids were done with her. Morgan had such the cutest little floaties on. They were bright pink with white lace and white flowers all over them. Leave it up to Melissa to get her girly looking floaties.

My Little Builder!

I just thought this was so cute that I just had to share. My son Logan who is 5 decided that he was going to build his mommy a castle. When he was done he brought his creation to me and said " Mom, I built you this castle and someday when I am all grown up I will build you a real one." Oh my heart melted and it's been a long time since he's been this adorable. Usually he's sneaky and makes me want to pull my hair out half the time! Thank you Logan for being my sweet little man. Hopefully one day his castle making promise will come true.

Fun in the Sun!

Saturday we had a great day! Our friends the McGavren's and the Farnsworth's came all the way out to Buckeye to hang out for a day of fun. There is this splash pad in a neighborhood that is about 5 miles away from our house. We packed up all the kids and took them out there for about an hour or so, so that they could run around and enjoy the water. Jeremy and Zane had a blast over by this one squirter. Jeremy was kicking all excitedly and Zane was so mellow he just seemed to like the way the water felt when it sprayed his foot. Zane and Jeremy laid there for quite awhile with no fussing. It was quite amazing how both of them were so calm. Their water babies for sure. The other boys had a great time also. Diana brought little plastic spray guns and the boys were going crazy running around and trying to squirt each other. Brady also had a great time. He seemed to enjoy the water splashing all around him. It was pretty funny because at first Brady didn't seem to care to much for the water but when we were about to leave he was all about it. Doesn't it usually work this way. :)

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to the Treguboff blog. I signed up determined to create a blog so that I could include our whole family in it rather than taking up all of Zane's space on his Caringbridge site. I also wanted to be able to share more pictures because on Caringbridge you are so limited. Well I signed up about 2 weeks ago and I am finally getting around to starting this blog. Bare with me and I will try to update as much as I can with new information and pictures.