Saturday, July 26, 2008

Officially a mini-van mom!

I never thought I would see the day that I would be driving a mini-van. Growing up I despised the odd shaped looking vehicles and I wondered why anyone in their right mind would want one. I told myself that I would never ever drive one let alone purchase one. "These vehicles are only for mom's that have twenty kids!" I would tell myself. "Sigh" Since having our son Zane, a lot has gone out the window with what I will and what I won't do. Driving a mini-van is one of these things. I have come to the realization that a mini-van is going to be part of my life forever. It saddens me the reason why I have to have a mini-van and why I can't continue to drive in my BMW sedan with my three boys. Since Zane will be in a wheelchair soon a mini-van is the perfect fit. Now that we have one I don't despise them so much. I actually like it. It's very roomy for the kids and is more practical for our family. I am getting over the dread of driving one and I must say I do enjoy it. It's so much easier to get Zane in and out of the car seat since I don't have to bend over and break my back every time anymore. It's got enough room so that the boys can climb in themselves and buckle their seat belts on their own. I guess from what I have heard once you go van you'll never go back. I'm starting to think these people that I thought were crazy are actually right. I am going to end with this little comment: I love my mini-van!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Hold your breath!

This week has been pretty laid back and relaxing as far as the kids are concerned. Not much going on in that department except that Zane had his swallow study done on Thursday. He passed the test thank goodness and is now able to start on liquids with the help of thickener. We also got his LIS1 gene test back and it was a negative. As of right now we don't know the cause for his Lissencephaly but I do know that they are going to do a more extensive test on his chromosomes to see if anything appears. Maybe then we will have an answer or maybe not. We'll see I guess. On another note we have begun to get really busy on the business side of our lives. For those of you who don't know what we do for a living, we provide pool maintenance and repairs to the Phoenix and surrounding areas. A lot of the pools have started to turn green due to the heat and the weird amount of humidity we seem to have acquired lately due to the monsoons. Also there are a lot of vacant houses here in Arizona and it's been keeping us pretty busy as far as green pools are concerned. Well I am going to leave everyone with this note and picture of what we do. I must warn you if you have a soft stomach please look with caution. Oh and hold your breath. These are pictures of the before and after of one nasty looking pool that we took care of. All that brown stuff is algae and there were also minnows in the pool that we had to clean out. Thank you Maricopa County for allowing us to clean floppy fish out of the pools.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Fun in California!

Over the July 4th weekend, Bryan and I took Logan and Caden to Irvine, California for a fun filled couple of days. We took off Thursday afternoon around 4:00pm and arrived in Irvine at 9:30pm. I know, I know my husband is a speed racer. We stayed with Bryan's mom's good friends Laura and Bill at their cute little condo in Irvine. Friday we got up early and took the boys over to Huntington beach. I wasn't sure if we were going to be able to go to the beach because there was so many people there it was unreal. I mean there where people everywhere. I think every inch of the beach was covered from shoreline to the parking lot. It was crazy. Finally after about an hour of searching for a parking spot we finally found one close after paying about $20.00 to park there. It's a crazy amount but it saved us about a couple miles of walking. The boys had a blast at the beach. Logan who I thought would be a little hesitant about getting in jumped right in the water. The water was freezing cold. It felt like a glass of ice water. I got in a little bit but not very much because it was way to cold for me. It was actually pretty funny because if you looked down the beach all you would really see in the water was kids. None of the adults were crazy enough to get in that water. Bryan dug the boys a deep hole in the sand and had them stand up in it. Logan is standing straight up in this pictures. My husband is crazy. I guess that's his version of being buried in the sand. Logan had a blast in his hole. Caden not so much. The picture at the top is what Logan calls surfing. He said " Look mom I'm surfing." I thought it was so cute. He found a way to surf with no board. Even though the beach was really crowded it was still really fun. We all had a good time relaxing and playing in the sand. Later that evening we took the boys to Laguna beach to walk around at the shops and watch the fireworks on the shore. We had picked a spot on the beach by the shoreline along with a lot of other people and we ended up having to move because the tide started to come in. It was really pretty to see the fireworks over the ocean. Something different for a change. Saturday we took the boys over to Knott's Berry Farm for the day. They had a blast riding all the kiddie rides. Logan got to ride his first rollercoaster. We saw the video of him on the rollercoaster and he looked scared the whole way through. After he got off he wanted to go again! I guess he wasn't that scared. Bryan went on the rollercoaster with Logan while Caden and I waited. Caden wanted to go on the rollercoaster really bad but he was to short. Caden did get to ride a lot of the rides. He had a blast on the ferris wheel, the cars, the boat, and the airplanes. Overall it was a great vacation even though it was a really short one.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Fun in our underoos!

The boys had a great day today running around in the sprinklers. This is the only way they could think of to cool off since we don't have a pool. It's kind of ironic since we are pool service people. I guess since we deal and see them everyday the logic is we don't want to come home to one. Makes sense doesn't it? This is what my husband keeps trying to instill in my brain. It's not working. It does make sense though that the boys are still a little to small to have something so dangerous at arms length. Oh well, maybe one day. Until then it's running in their underwear through the sprinklers and taking advantage of our friends and family that have a swimming pool. Zane seemed to really enjoy the water even though he only stuck his foot in the sprinkler. The water seems to really have a calming effect on him. Logan on the other hand was going crazy with his kung-fu master moves. Tomorrow we are on our way to California for the weekend. We are going to go to the beach and Knott's Berry Farm. Logan and Caden should have a blast. Zane unfortunately will not be going with us but he will be staying with his Nana and Tata and that should be fun.