Sunday, August 31, 2008

Camping trip cut short. :(

Tales from the woods..........

Well we attempted to go camping over the Labor day weekend but the weather was not cooperating with us. Of course it was sunny here in Phoenix but as soon as we got up to our campsite close to Flagstaff it was looking really gloomy. We thought that it would subside but it continued to linger. My parents, Bryan and I and the kids, and my brother and his wife all went up together on Saturday morning. We camped at this beautiful site near Stoneman Lake which was really secluded. It was wonderful until it started to rain. We only ended up staying over night and then decided that it would be better to pack up and head home due to the rain. We did get to make smores while we were there so I guess that's always a plus. Here are a few pictures from our very, very, very short camping trip.

Logan and Caden trying to balance on their so called balance beam.

Logan giving me a sly smile.

Bryan looking so handsome outside of our tent.

My dad sitting on his porch outside of his tent.

My mom and I sitting in their screened gazebo.

My brother and his wife trying to figure out what to do next.

Caden's very messy face.

Logan's cheesy smile

Caden and Logan smiling for the camera except Logan looks like popeye!

Well even though it was a very short trip it was still fun. At least we got to get out of the heat for a day. The trip from the camp site home was a whole different story. First off my parents car wouldn't start. What do you know none of us had jumper cables on us. Go figure. So my brother and my dad had to go searching around for other campers to see if we could borrow a pair. Luckily they found some campers not to far from us that let us use there's. Well after jumpstarting their vehicle we started our trip home down the dirt road that we cam in on. About a couple of miles down the road we notice that my dad pulls off to the side of the road. Well his tire blew out. What our the odds that your car battery is dead and your tire blows out all in same day less than a half hour of eachother. So after fixing his blown out tire we were finally able to start our journey home. Here is a picture of the boys on the way back. This should explain it all.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Lava River Cave

Today was such an adventure for the Treguboff household. We had such an awesome time hanging out with my brother Michael and his wife Yvonne and our good friends Jay, Diana, and their son Lenny. It all began this morning at 4:30am when the alarm clock woke Bryan and I up from such a deep sleep. Sluggishly Bryan and I got ready and loaded ourselves into the van to go pick the boys up at their Grandma's house. See Grandma decided that she would take the boys for the night last night so that Bryan and I could have a nice quite night alone. It was great! Anyhow we picked the boys up from their Grandma's and then headed out to their nana and tata's to drop Zane off. Zane was going to be spending the day with his nana and tata because the place that we were headed to was not a place for a baby let alone a three year old which we found out later in the trip. Here is a picture of Logan and Caden goofing around in the car while we were dropping off Zane. Well after dropping off Zane we headed out to pick up my brother and his wife and then we were going to meet Jay and Diana at the 5 and Diner for breakfast. We were about two hours behind schedule because first off we were moving so slowly this morning that we didn't actually leave the house until about almost 6:00am. Then we had a little mishap at Grandma's house and we had to turn around and retrieve the item that we left there. So that put us behind schedule even farther. So we didn't actually get to the 5 and Diner until about almost 8:00. We had planned on meeting there at 6:45. Well we were late and of course Jay and Diana were waiting there for us. Luckily they were running a little behind also so they weren't actually sitting there the whole time waiting. Thank goodness! I already felt bad for being late. Well we all ate our breakfast and then we were off to go see the Lava River Cave. The Lava River Cave is located about 19 miles west of Flagstaff. Luckily the trail for the cave was pretty easy to find and we didn't get lost and more behind on time then we already were. We thought that the cave was going to be literally deserted and that we were going to be the only one's there. Oh boy! We were wrong. There was a boy scout troop there and then loads of other cars that had to be holding at least 10 people per vehicle. Even though there was a lot of people it still was pretty cool and we had a lot of fun. First off as soon as we parked the cars at least one of us had to use the bathroom. With it being in the middle of nowhere there of course wasn't any restrooms. So we had to go out into the middle of the woods the old fashioned way. As we were out there we saw a bunch of mushrooms growing all over the place. It was the weirdest thing I think I have ever seen. The mushrooms were red, orange, big and small. It was crazy to see all that fungus just growing everywhere. I have been out to Flagstaff to many times to count on my fingers and I have never seen this before. Also the woods were very beautiful because there were wild flowers blooming everywhere. They were of all different shades of the rainbow. It just looked so pretty and fresh. Ok, back to the cave. We got all of our stuff ready to go such as our flashlights, sweaters, water, and camera's before we headed out on the path to the cave. Once everybody had everything we were ready to go exploring. The entrance to the cave was literally a rocky hole in the ground. It was kind of odd walking up to the entrance because it was almost weird to see a bunch of people coming out of the ground when you really couldn't see where they were coming from. As we got closer you could finally see the black hole that everyone was surfacing from. It was crazy just thinking about how many people were going down into this deep dark crevice. Obviously we weren't the only ones with this crazy idea. Anyhow everyone in our group were prepared to make their journey into the unknown with their flashlights and sweaters. Each of us had to get our pictures taken outside the entrance to the cave. We couldn't just go in without doing that first because we were all going to look pretty tired once we came out. Here are some of the pictures taken outside of the cave.

The Treguboff Clan minus one:

My brother Michael and Yvonne:

Jay and Diana:

After we all got our fill of picture taking outside of the cave it was now time for us to enter. As you can see behind each of us in the pictures the black space behind us is the entrance. It's not very big and very low. Here is a picture that was taken of Lenny and Logan as they made their way into the cave. The picture came out pretty blurry because as I was trying to take the picture they were slipping all over the rocks and so was I. I think it still looks cool though.

After we got inside the picture taking got kind of hard to do because it was pitch black and their was a lot of dust that was being kicked up from everyone walking around. Here are a few pictures that were taken inside the cave. Here is a picture of all of us somewhere about maybe 30 feet from the entrance. It is pitch black at this point . As you can see past Logan's head you can kind of see the walls up to the top left of the picture and how the cave continues on in the background.

Here is a picture of Bryan and I. Like I said it's not the best quality because of the pure blackness of the cave but it still came out alright. The shiny rock behind our heads is actually condensation. There was water droplets all over the roof of the cave. When the flashlights would beam on the ceiling it looked shiny. It was pretty neat.

Michael, Yvonne, and Caden:

Here is a picture of Jay and Diana. Poor Diana had to sit down for a few minutes because due to the cave being pitch black it was hard to tell when the ceiling went from high to low. Diana smacked the top of her head pretty hard on one of the low lying ceilings. I did the same on the way back and now I have a nice knot on the top of my head that hurts whenever I touch it.

Some condensation on the ceiling of the cave. Doesn't it look shiny!

My brother Michael crawling through a low part in the cave. He's the beam of light that you see.

Here is Logan running around in the dark with his flashlight. Doesn't it look like he's running on the moon somewhere out in space. That blue dot on the picture is a dust particle.

Here's a picture of Lenny running around in the dark also.

Logan and Lenny posing for the camera.

One of the walls of the cave.

Picture of me coming out of the cave.

I would have to say that this was the best day trip that we have ever taken. It was so much fun. Even though we were running around in a deep dark hole for almost 2 hours it was still a blast. The cave was so awesome to explore. I just loved how it looked like a big earthworm had dug the hole when really it was a lava flow that created it. It was really an experience and something to see. Well after the whole cave experience ended and the boys were done running around after each other with sticks we decided that it would be a great time to go and catch something to eat. We all decided on mexican food and we ended up eating at this little hole in the wall called Casa Bonita. I swear the best places to eat are always mom and pop types of places or hole in the walls. Casa Bonita had some great mexican food. Here is a picture of Bryan's dish that he ordered. This plate was huge. I mean look how little the fork looks on the plate. It had a burrito, tamale, enchilada, rice and beans. I have never seen a plate so big. I thought he wasn't going to finish it and that he was going to end up wasting it. He proved me wrong. Boy, can that man pack away some food. After eating we all decided that it was time to head home. By this point it was going on 5:00pm. I couldn't believe how late it had gotten. It took us about 2 hours to get home and it was actually quit a nice drive because we got some rain and lightening on the way. Next weekend should be an adventure also because we are going back up to Flagstaff and going camping with a whole group of friends and family. Just one more tale to blog about.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Just keep swimming!

This is going to be mostly a picture post but since I got some cute pics of the boys I thought everyone wouldn't mind. The boys had a blast yesterday over at my mom and dad's house to celebrate my mom's birthday. First we all had lunch and then we all took a swim for a little more than an hour. We even got Zane involved in some of the swimming action. Here are a few pictures of the boys having a great time in the pool.

Here is Zane relaxing with mommy....

Logan is sitting on the side waiting patiently for his Tata (my dad) to put his goggles on .....

Cute little smile from Logan....

My brother Michael and his wife Yvonne.....

Caden and my mom (his nana).....

Saturday, August 9, 2008

A Much better Day!

Yeah! Logan will not be in his room for the weekend. He managed to behave himself Thursday and Friday with little trouble. Yesterday the teacher said Logan was very good except for the fact that he called one kid a "booty" and another "big head". I asked him why he was name calling and he said "Mom, the boy does have a big head". I had to tell him that it's not very nice to name call and if he would like it if someone said that to him. The whole "booty"name calling is a different story. Since both of my sons have seen Alvin and the Chipmunks they have been obsessed with parts of the movie. I believe the word "booty" is one of the words that is mentioned in this movie. They think it's a harmless, hysterical word. I have had to get on them about saying. Hopefully next week Logan will be a perfect angel. Yeah right, right??? On another note today we are supposed to go over to my mom's house to celebrate my mom's birthday. We'll be doing some swimming and just hanging out with my parents and my older brother and his wife. Last night we really didn't do to much and actually were in bed by 9:30pm. Man, we are party animals aren't we. Well I'll leave everyone with a few picks of the boys that were taken Thursday evening. I took the boys outside and let them ride their bikes in the street. What a good mom I am huh! Oh I just have to throw this picture of Zane in with his monkey because it's just to cute. He love his monkey to death. He was getting such a kick out of himself that he was just laughing and screaming with excitement. Look how wide he got his mouth open.:)

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Not a good first day at school!

Well this morning our day started at 6:30am. I got the boys up, fed them, dressed them, and got them in the car by 7:25am. This is what Logan looked like on his first day of school. So cute! I took Caden and Zane over to my friend Melissa's so that I could take Logan to his first day of kindergarten alone.

Caden did a little of this: Zane also did a lot of this:

They were going to miss Logan on his first day of school. How cute is that! Anyhow I got Logan to school by 7:35am so that he could play on the playground before class started at 8:00am. Here are some pictures of him on the playground with the other kids.

After playing for about a half hour they had all the kids line up outside the door so that the teacher could do a head count to make sure everyone was in attendance. After he went into the
classroom I left for the day until pick up time at 1:15pm. Bryan ended up getting home in time and went and picked Logan up at school. The teacher did not have very good news for us and I must say at least he wasn't the only trouble maker. The teacher said that he had a very rough day today. He wasn't listening very well and he was rolling around on the floor. I don't know what that's all about. When he got home he was already crying before he walked in the door because he knew I wasn't going to be very happy with him at all. I had a talk with him and told him it was unacceptable and ridiculous to be acting that way in the classroom. I told him that he needs to listen to the teacher and do what she says. I let him know if the next two days are bad then he will be grounded to his room the whole weekend. I know that seems mean but rolling around on the floor is uncalled for. Let's hope for a better day tomorrow. :(

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Uh Oh! Trouble, Trouble, Trouble

Well meet the teacher night was a little different than what I expected. First they had all of us go into the gym and find our child's name on one of the lists that were posted on the walls. It was very disorganized because the guy who was supposed to be directing traffic was sending everyone to the wrong place. After checking all the lists in the gym we found out that Logan's name wasn't even on any of them. His name was actually on one of the lists that where located outside in the hallway. It was very frustrating because there where so many people there and nobody knew where the heck they were going. Anyhow once we found out who his teacher was we got to take him to her room so that he could meet her. Her name is Miss Sudling and she seems really nice. Logan was acting really shy with her and not answering any of her questions until I told him to. After introducing ourselves we went around the room and found where he was going to be sitting. He will be sitting across from a cute little girl named Haley and next to another cute girl named Jacelyn. Then there's a little boy named Todd right next to him which I don't know if this is going to be a good thing or bad thing. The whole time we were there Logan kept asking to go play on the playground. He also kept saying that he was bored. Uh, Oh! I had to explain to him that this was just a meeting to meet his teacher and this isn't how kindergarten is going to be. I let him know that his teacher will have plenty of things for him to do throughout the day. Let's hope Wednesday goes smoothly. He is in school from 8:00-3:15. This is a long day for a first timer. The teacher will be sending home daily agendas which is where she will right comments if he is not behaving or listening. I know it will probably take a week or so for him to get the hang of it and that he must listen to the teacher. We'll see. Will post hopefully a picture of his first day tomorrow.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Rainy Day Fun!!!

It had rained here in Phoenix a few weeks ago and it was so nice. It's very rare that we see rain here in Arizona. When the newscasters say it's going to rain it never does. Go figure! Anyhow I allowed the boys to have a hay day out in the rain. They had a blast. I remember when I was younger my brother and I loved to go outside when it was raining. Even just to sit on the porch was nice or just to hear the rain fall. I love the rain. On another not Logan has three more days until he starts Kindergarten. I am so excited. Not just for me because I get a little bit of a break but for him because he will get to learn all kinds of new things. Logan is so excited. He asks me everyday if today is the day for Kindergarten. Tomorrow we have to go to the school for meet the teacher night. Hopefully he likes his teacher. I have gotten all of his back to school shopping done. Now all I have to do is get groceries for his lunches. Week of chaos here we come!