Saturday, December 27, 2008

Sledding in Flagstaff!

Bryan and I took the boys sledding in Flagstaff, AZ today. Zane stayed behind all nice and cozy with his Tata while his Nana came along with us for the ride and adventure. The boys Uncle Michael and Aunt Yvonne even tagged along for the trip along with our cousins the Beckners. The kids had so much fun sledding down the man made hills that they could have probably stayed all day except for the fact that it was packed with people and that it was about 15 degrees outside. We stayed a few hours and then left because everyone seemed to either be tired or cold. It was a great day overall and we had lots of fun. We will surely do it again soon within the next couple of weeks.

Look at the icicles hanging from this roof.

The Sanfrancisco Peak Mountains.

Nana hanging out and watching everyone sled.

Logan carrying his sled. He's ready to go!

Uncle Mike heading down the hill.

Aunt Yvonne taking the plunge.

Cute little Austin making his attempt at the hill.

Caden's attempt at sledding.

Logan getting ready to go down.

Michael and Caden going down the hill.

Jaime making her attempt down the hill. Is she giving Bryan the bird?

Caden and I sledding together.

Jarrett trekking up the hill for another run.

Cute Kendal enjoying herself.

Chris and Austin.

Bryan and Caden.

We had a whole lot of fun hanging out and sledding with everyone. Even though there were a lot of people there we still enjoyed ourselves.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

The boys woke up early this morning in anticipation on what Santa had brought them. The boys received DVD's, skateboards, helmets/pads, games, and clothes. They were so excited about everything. Caden had a special gift left from Santa Clause which he has been wanting for a long time. He received his very first big boy bike. Caden's bike was red and decked out in you guessed it Lightening McQueen! He was so overjoyed and couldn't waite to try out his new bike on the big open road. Logan was so exstatic about his skateboard that he was lost for words. He also couldn't waite to get outside to try out some of his "Cool Dude Moves" as he calls it. Zane was happy with the clothes he received and a few of his musical toys. He was not a happy camper during the pictures therefore none of them would come out. We did manage to snap some of him later on in the day though. Here are a few pictures of our little family Christmas this morning.

After all the gift opening was done the boys wanted to go outside and try out their new toys. Here are a few pictures of Logan skateboarding and Caden riding his new bike.

Ok, you may be wondering why Logan is wearing knee and elbow pads but not a helmet. Well we did purchase a helmet for him but his noggin is so big that the helmet didn't fit. We are going to have to return the one we bought and take him along to try on helmets so that we get a perfect fit. Poor kid. ;(

We let the boys play around for about an hour and then it started to rain. Unfortunately it wasn't just a sprinkle so they had to stop riding and come inside. They were very upset and more than determined to go back out as soon as the rain stopped. Little did they know that it continued to rain all day. After we came inside we decided it was time to get cleaned up and ready for Nana and Tata's house. The boys were so excited about going over there because they knew more presents were to come. They were also excited to see Nana and Tata along with their Uncle Mike and Aunt Yvonne. Here are a few pictures of our Christmas with them. Overall it was a fantastic day.

{Mike, Yvonne, Nana, Me, Bryan}
{Tata, Zane, Logan, Caden}

Last but not least Christmas would have not been Christmas without watching the best Christmas story ever made. It is called "A Christmas Story." If you haven't seen it I suggest you turn on the television and watch it because it wouldn't be Christmas without this movie.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A Fun Filled Christmas Eve!

Today was a very fun filled day. Last night Grandma and her boyfriend Dan came over and gave the boys their Christmas presents. Logan and Caden both received big remote control cars and Zane got a Winnie the Pooh Vtech musical toy. Since Grandma and Dan came over last night and the batteries were not charged the boys were not able to drive their cars. As soon as they woke up this morning the cars is all they could talk about. So we ended up going outside in our pajamas so that they could drive their remote control cars around.

After the boys got to drive their remote control cars for awhile Bryan went ahead and took them to the park. They had so much fun wandering around and exploring that the only playground equipment that they played on was the swings.

After letting them play around at the park it was time for us to get ready for Christmas Eve over at Aunt Cathy and Uncle Tom's house. We all got dressed in our pajamas and headed over there for a great night of gift giving and games.

Six Flags Magic Mountain

This past weekend the McGavren's and us went to Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia, California. We had so much fun running around and riding coasters. I do have to tell the truth though. We only rode about 5 roller coasters because after that we were all tired from all the walking. Our age is definetly showing through. This weekend was the best weekend to go to Six Flags. We hardly had to waite in any lines and got to ride all the coasters we wanted to. It was great. Here is a video from one of our rides. Diana snuck her flip and we snuck our phone on a few of the roller coasters to catch the images of us riding and the feel of the coasters. They turned out pretty well.

Here is a video of us on the Goliath:

Here is a video of us on the X2:

Here is a video of us on the Tatsu:

I would have to say that the Tatsu is one of my favorite rides at Six Flags. I know the video shows a lot of flipping around but it is very fun. Basically your on your hands and knees the whole ride. In the beginning of the video basically you can see our few of the ride. Your staring right at the ground as you climb this big hill and hoping that the harness that is protecting you doesn't come undone because your just hanging there. If you ever get a chance to get over there I highly recommend this ride.

Bryan and I at the entrance to the park.

Diana and I at the entrance to the park.

Diana and Jay waiting in line at X2.

We had a fantastic time and we can't wait to go next year. Are you up for it Diana and Jay?