Friday, January 30, 2009

The Notorious Sleepwalker

"Like father, like son." Is a quote that I will now believe in to it's fullest. Two evenings ago our oldest son Logan did something for the very first time. At least I hope it's for the first time. I would hate to think that he has been doing this for awhile now and has now just given us a glimpse into his madness. :) Logan who goes to bed by 7:30pm every night decided that he wasn't going to stay in his bed. Bryan and I were sitting on the couch in the family room watching television and talking when all of a sudden Logan came walking down the hallway. We asked him what he was doing and we didn't get a response. He continued to walk right past us through the kitchen and proceeded to open the back door. We stood there and stared at him wondering why he was ignoring us and continuing on with what he was doing. Logan opened up the back door and walked outside. We called his name and still no response. Bryan and I just stared at each other with a look of disbelief. Then all of a sudden he reentered the house, shut the door and walked past us and back down the hallway. We sat there for a minute wondering why he would be ignoring us and just doing his own thing. I had Bryan go down the hall and see where he went. Bryan found him in the bathroom completely naked in the bath tub. He was crying and getting ready to take a shower. Bryan asked him what was wrong and still no response. Bryan asked him if he had an accident. Still no response. Then finally after about the fifth time of questioning he finally said "because mom told me to get in the shower and take a bath." What??? We finally got him snapped out of it, dressed and put back in bed. It's about 9:30pm at night by now and he takes his shower at 6:30pm every night before bed. We asked him why he went outside and he said he didn't. We then asked him why he was crying and he said he wasn't. It was scary and weird all at the same time. I have thoughts running around in my head concerning the fact that what if he walks out front in the middle of the night and no one is there to see him. We live up in the mountains where coyotes run free around us. We are in a neighborhood but we still hear the packs howling at night. I think we may have to add a top lock to the front door to make sure that there are no escape artists trying to exit the house when we are asleep. Bryan said he has sleepwalked a few times when he was younger. Geez, I didn't think this was genetic. "Like father, like son" will no longer be just a phrase but the truth. At least in our household. :)

Thursday, January 29, 2009

New activity that's loads of fun for Zane!

As I sat on our couch with Zane facing me on my lap I discovered a new found activity that he gets a kick out of doing. I held his hands and let him throw himself backwards so that his head is completely upside down. All he could do was giggle and smile. It even got to the point to where he was trying to pick himself back up so that he could do it again. I was amazed at his effort and boy did he try to pick himself back up. I just love to hear that little giggle of pleasure especially when we find something that he gets pure enjoyment out of doing. Here are a few pictures of tonights event.
Here he is getting ready.

The anticipation is building......

and he's off except this time I'm not holding his hands.

Just look at that smile. Such joy.

The next time had the exact same reaction.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Flight of the Conchords.

This has to be one of the weirdest shows I have ever watched but since watching the first episode we are addicted to it. If you haven't seen Flight of the Conchords then it's worth a look. It's about a couple of struggling musicians from New Zealand who try to survive in New York City by taking whatever gigs they can. Some of the songs they come up with are hilarious and so are most of the things they say.

Friday, January 23, 2009

This one is for Aavyn's mommy Tricia!

Here is the frontal and side view of the High-low chair. The chair also comes apart so that the chair can roll around on the floor close to the ground. It's pretty cool.

Monday, January 19, 2009

My Big Boy!

Today has been a tough day for Zane. I pulled out his high-low chair and had him sit in it for incremets of up to 45 minutes. He fought very hard the first time with a lot of yelling and complaining but once he was strapped in he enjoyed himself. The second time later on in the day was much better. He only made about one peep and then he was happy after he got his say. We attached the tray to the chair so that he could get in some piano playing action. He looked so cute and was such a big boy about it. Here are a couple of pictures of him in his chair.

Isn't he so handsome. He looks like such a chunk. Maybe that's why his nickname is Chunker's. :)

Chomping away at that hand.

Here he is pounding away at the keys.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Desert Botanical Garden (Chihuly Exhibit)

Today my mom and us went to the Desert Botanical Gardens in Phoenix. It was a total nightmare trying to get there today because the Rock N Roll Maration was going on. We did not realize this therefore it took us an hour and a half to get there besides the normal forty-five minutes. Every single road was closed down for this marathon. It was total choas everywhere we went but when we finally got there it was well worth it. They had the Chihuly exhibit going on which was really neat. Here are some pictures from our day.

Entrance into the Botanical Gardens

Blue waves of glass made to look like flames.

The beautiful Arizona desert.

This sculpture is huge and made of hand blown glass. Isn't it amazing.

It's not a tumor!

Pretty shades of purple and green.

A crazy looking cactus.


A petroglyph of some kind of bird. Or so we think. It used to have bird poop on it but with the magic of photoshop we were able to remove it.

Lots of Barrel Cactus throughout the grounds.

Swirls of blue glass to help acsent the desert. Isn't it beautiful.

This is an old man cactus. Why do you think they call it that? Hmmmm.

A pretty cactus flower in bloom. See the bee pollunating.

Very bright and beautiful.

Isn't this flower awesome. Look at all the pretty colors.

A boat full of blown glass balls. These balls were so awesome and full of so many different colors.

Snow, Snow, and More Snow

This past saturday the Beckner's and us went to Flagstaff to get in some more sledding. We went to Wing Mountain once again and had a great time. There wasn't as many people as before so the boys got a real chance to go down the hills multiple times. The boys zipped down the hills a lot faster because some of the snow had melted and the snow started to compact itself into slick steep mounds. Here are some pictures from our fun day.

Bryan, Kendal, Jarrett, Jaime, Logan, Chris, Austin, Caden and I

We thought Caden was throwing a fit but when we got a little closer this is what he was doing. See next picture.

Ewwwww Gross!

Jarrett and Austin.

Jarrett racing down the hill.

Caden sledding down the hill by himself.

I'm taking a break.

Logan and Austin getting ready for another run.

Caden rolling around in the snow.

Logan, isn't he cute!

Jaime, Kendal, and Austin getting ready to sled down together.

Logan and I.

Logan getting ready to go down again.

Jarrett taking a break.

Caden heading back up the hill for more fun.

Kendal taking a break from all the action.

Logan with his cheesy smile.

Kendal saying cheese to the camera.

Cute Austin with the missing tooth.

Caden and Austin getting ready to go down the hill.

Caden looking down the hill.

Logan with a goofy look on his face. :)