Monday, April 27, 2009

Vampire Love!

So I have decided to jump on the bandwagon and read a series of books that everyone has said is so good. I kept putting them off and I kept telling myself that I could not possibly get into this type of story. I mostly read murder/mystery type books. So from much convincing from some of my family members and friends I have decided to read the "Twilight" series. Right now I am on book number three and to my surprise I am enjoying them very much. I have been reading every chance that I get and I can't seem to put them down once I start. My poor, poor husband. I want to say "thank you" to all of you who have hounded me and persuaded me to give them a try.

Thursday, April 23, 2009


I thought this was cute so of course I have to share. Logan who is 6 and in Kindergarten is learning all about money. He knows exactly what each coin/dollar is worth and what president in on them.

This is what he calls a penny:

Abraham Lincoln

This is what he calls a dollar:

George Washington

So instead of saying I have a penny and one dollar he says" I have 1 Abraham Lincoln and 1 George Washington. I think it's so funny because it's almost as though he wants to say " I have some Benjamins!" I'm waiting for that. I'm not sure what he'll come up with for the penny.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Camping at Christopher Creek!

This past weekend we took the boys camping at Christopher Creek along with my husband's Aunt and Uncle and their kids. Christopher Creek is about an hour and a half away from Phoenix. We have never been to Christopher Creek before and I must say it was a very good place to camp. Our camp site was in such a good location except for the fact that we almost got the truck stuck due to the turn off being to steep. We almost weren't able to get out and it took a lot of man power to figure out a way so that we didn't have to call a tow truck. In the end, after piling a lot of dirt and rocks we were able to get the truck out.

All the kids had the best time. I'm sort of glad that we were only there for two nights because toward the end of the second day all the kids started getting whiney. We made smores and did a lot of fishing. This was the first time the boys had been fishing and they loved it. They were so obcessed with the creek.

On the second day we took the kids up to the fish hatchery. They got to see all the trout up close. It was pretty neat to see all the fish in the different stages of life. Here are a few pictures from our trip this weekend.

Bryan, taking in the beauty. Me or the creek?

Brayden, Shelby, Kayla, Logan, and Caden

Shelby, queen of the creek.

Kayla and Logan going for a hike with Bryan.

One of the waterfalls along the creek.

Kayla and Logan inching across on a log. Don't fall in kids!

A pocket of silk worms. These little critters were everywhere.

Sitting around the campfire.

(Me, Bryan, Shelby, Kayla, Mary, David, Caden, Brayden, and Logan)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter Day Fun!

This year the family decided to have our Easter on Saturday instead of Sunday. The reason why is because we could not rent a ramada on Sunday because all of them were taken. We decided that having Easter a day earlier didn't matter since everyone was in town and we could actually rent a ramada. We chose to have our Easter at Estrella Mountain Regional Park. This is one of the many times that we have rented a ramada in this park. We have found it easier to hold our family get togethers here instead of having it at one of our houses. Having it there allows the kids to run around and do as they please without breaking things and making messes. It's an awesome idea.

Our Easter consisted of a potluck, egg hunting, and playing games. Everyone had a great time and the food was outstanding. The kids had a blast with the egg hunt and since there was a little wind they were even able to fly kites. It was truly a great afternoon.

The whole family on Bryan's side and a few of mine.

Logan posing with his cheesecake eggroll.

Curtis giving Bryan a cheesy smile.

All the little kids getting ready to go egg hunting.

(Austin, Brayden, Caden, Logan, and Paige)

And their off................

Austin looking for eggs in the tree.

We thought they would miss this one because it was out of their view. Obviously we were wrong!

Hey, we had to get creative since there was not a lot of places to hide the eggs.