Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Who Gets Excited Over Oxygen?


I have been waiting for quite awhile to obtain authorization to get oxygen at home for Zane. I had asked his neurologist about 6 months ago to order it since it was a good thing to have on hand for Zane's rough seizure patches. Well to say the least we have been waiting.

and waiting........

and waiting........

Finally last week I spoke to his pediatrician about getting some oxygen since the neurologist didn't seem to be moving along on the order. To my surprise I received a knock on my door the next day. Zane's oxygen had finally arrived. This may seem like no big deal to most but to us it's a needed necessity. Zane requires oxygen every time he goes into his seizure fits. His little body starts to turn blue because of labored breathing and I just have to stand back and watch it happen. Now I have oxygen! This will help with his low saturation during this rough time while I wait for the ambulance.
I thought this was funny that they actually have to post this on the machine. I guess this is for all the smoking oxygen requiring patients.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Our Community Waterpark!

Yesterday we took the boys to our community waterpark. The waterpark consists of a regular pool connected to a wading pool that has a jungle gym that the kids can climb on. Water squirts out from everywhere and big buckets pour water on their heads. On the other side of the wading pool is another pool for the two big twisty slides. One slide is enclosed and the other is open. I was really surprised to see that Logan went down both slides on his own. The boys had a blast at the park.

Logan rushing up the stairs before the big bucket dumps on his head

Caden and Logan sneaking around in the water.

Caden looking a little worried. Where's Logan?

The two big twisty slides that Logan conquered.

Our view from the pool.

Monday, June 22, 2009

California Conference 2009

This past week my mom, Zane, and I spent Wednesday through Monday in Costa Mesa, CA for the 2nd Annual Microcephaly Conference. This was our first conference that we have attended for Zane's condition. Zane which most of you know has a rare brain malformation known as Lissencephaly. Along with the Lissencephaly he also has Microcephaly. This is the first year that the founders of Children With Microcephaly were including other brain abnormalities such as Lissencephaly and PMG. We met a lot of amazing parents and had such a great time. The word is that next year the conference is supposed to be in Arizona but we will see. Here are some pictures from our trip.

Zane passed out on my bed after a long day of traveling. This was the first night in our hotel room. We stayed at the Hilton in Costa Mesa. It was a pretty nice hotel.

The next day we took Zane to Newport Beach. We walked the pier and also took him down by the water to dip his toes in. Our friends Diana, Jeremy, Judy, and Tim were also there to enjoy the beach with us.

The beautiful Pacific Ocean. View from the Newport Pier.

Zane and Jeremy taking in the view.

My mom, Zane, Jeremy and I.

Diana, Jeremy and I.

Zane snoozing on the beach.

My mom.

Zane not liking the beach at all. Jeremy on the other hand loved it.

Diana and I.

My mom and I.

Tricia and Aavyn at the banquet dinner the first night. They had meet and greet and then a nice pasta dinner for everyone.

Zane, Aavyn, and Jeremy watching as their parents enjoy a few cocktails.

Zane passed out in the waiting room whil waiting for his Doctor's appointment.

Tricia and Jeremy at Newport Beach.

Diana, Tricia, and I at Newport Beach.

Diana/Jeremy, Tricia/Aavyn, and Zane/I.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Loss Of First Tooth!

Logan has been playing with this bottom wiggly tooth for about a week. Today is the day that it finally decided to come out. He is very excited for the tooth fairy to show up. Hmmmm! I wonder how much he'll get for that first baby tooth!

Happy Birthday Caden!

Today we had Caden's second birthday celebration with family and friends. I can't believe my little guy is 4. It seems like yesterday that I was changing his little bum and now he's only got a year left before he starts school. My how time flies!

It was a great day overall. The kids had a fantastic time swimming and playing on the trampoline. All of them got filled up with cake and candy which made things even more fun for the adults. Jaime's mom made an awesome cake for Caden that consisted of all of Caden's favorite things. Since we really didn't have a theme for the party this seemed like the next best thing. This cake consisted of all the things that Caden is obsessive about at the age of 4. Here are some pictures from the party.
Caden's cute cake.

Caden being silly for the camera.

Caden getting ready to blow out his candles. As you can see James(blue shirt) is not to happy that he has to waite for cake.

Caden blowing out his candles!

Caden opening up his gifts. All the little boys waiting to see what he got.

Out of all the toys the keys off the cake was his favorite thing. Go figure!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Fun Sunday Afternoon!

Today Bryan and I and the kids went over to my parents house for a BBQ and swimming to celebrate Caden's birthday. My middle baby will be turning 4 on Tuesday. We did a mini party today and then his big party is on Saturday. What a lucky boy to have two parties. Today was also the first time Zane has gotten into the pool since the start of the season. He loved the water so much that he actually fell asleep. Here are some pictures from our day.

Logan and Uncle Michael

Caden and Bryan

Logan smiling at the camera.

Caden swimming around in the pool.

Grandpa and Zane. What a chunker Zane is!

Zane getting a kick out of relaxing on the lounge chair.

Happy Birthday Caden!