Friday, October 30, 2009

It's Pumpkin Carving Time!

A few days ago my husband picked up a pumpkin because the boys have been asking non-stop for one since September. He decided to wait to carve it until I came back from my trip to Florida. That was nice of him wasn't it! It was fun to watch the boys dig in and pull out all the pumpkin insides. My middle son Caden announced that he had "pumpkin blood" all over him. This made us all giggle. Here are some pictures from their carving experience this year.

Can't help but laugh at Caden's expression. What a goofball he is!

Caden inspecting the "pumpkin blood".

Dig in!

Logan loved playing with the pumpkin insides. Caden not so much.


The finished product!

Thursday, October 29, 2009


From sunday through wednesday I was in Florida for a palliative care conference. Zane's pediatrician asked me if I would be interested in being part of their palliative care team that is trying to get started here at Phoenix Children's Hospital. The palliative care team will provide care for patients and families with life limiting conditions. Items that we are trying to include with palliative care is a parent advisory board(which I hope to be president of), fundraisers, ethics on care, promotion, and many other things. We hope to get the program up and running soon but we all know that it is going to take time and effort not only from our team but also all the hospital staff.

The conference that was held in Clearwater, FL was by far one of the most important aspects of healthcare. I feel that I learned a lot and hope to bring these aspects back to my community so that I can make a difference in the way our care is given here in Arizona. My goal is to create a panel of parents that can give their imput so that doctors, nurses, and other hospital staff know how to be respectful towards the patients and their families. I know this is a large goal to fulfill but with time I know our team can make it a reality. As I go along on this journey I wll update and let everyone know how everything is going. Right now we are thinking of a name for our team and also a mission statement. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Here are a few pictures from my trip:

This is Florida's way of trying to do population control. :)

The lobster peering at us through the window at one of the nice restaurants we ate at on the beach. This restaurant was called the 400 Beach Club. Very good seafood!

One of the cooks made a lighted pumpkin out of a radish. Very cool!

These crab cakes were to die for! So yummy!

We ate at Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. Everything about the restaurant was produced after the movie " Forrest Gump"

Some dolphins we saw while we were eating at Bubba Gump.

The Florida Beach

We saw a bunch of these Crane's walking along the beach.

The beach was just covered with sea shells.

Crazy looking sea animal.

We turned it over and saw that it was a horseshoe crab.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Zane! Where are you?

This is how I find Zane some mornings. He's yelling and carrying on underneath his blanket. To bad I don't have video of it. He has so much fun being in the dark. :)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Scottsdale Art Festival

For all of you that don't know my husband Bryan paints. He paints beautiful pictures that were accepted into a Scottsdale gallery for display. His next task is to submit his art to the Scottsdale Art Festival. This weekend he worked on his display which he had to have completed for deadline by tuesday October 13 for the festival that will be held in March. We are crossing our fingers that he gets accepted. There are thousands of artists that apply and spots are very limited. This will be a way for him to get his art out to at least 40,000 people. Cross your fingers everyone! Here are a few pictures of the art that he submitted.

"A Broken Path"

"A Breath Underwater"

"A Flow of Metal"

"A Mind in Motion"
"Adio Prassino"
"Blue and Gold"

Logan's First Soccer Game

Logan had his first soccer game last saturday. He did very well considering this was his first game. It seemed as though he knew exactly what to do once he got out on the field. Here are a few pictures from his game.

Logan had to sit out first since we were late to the game. Only four kids get to play at a time.

We did have to mention to him a few times that he can't play goalie.

Logan in action.

The team with their coach. At least part of their team. They were missing three other boys.