Monday, December 28, 2009

Honolulu, HI/ Maui, HI

Recently my husband and I took a 10 day excursion to Hawaii. How did we do this you may ask with three children. We didn't take the children. We have such wonderful family and friends that they were well cared for while we were gone. It was fabulous to get away just him and I. We needed the vacation. We visited the island of Oahu and Maui. I must tell you that it wasn't what we had expected Hawaii to be. In our heads we were thinking of tropical rainforests everywhere but that just wasn't the case. We stayed on Waikiki and almost the whole time I felt like I was in downtown LA or Japan. The other side of Oahu was beautiful and was more like what we were looking for. Maui was pretty much dry on one side but the other side was tropical rainforest. It was absolutely beautiful. If you ever get over to Maui you must do the Road to Hanna! Beautiful and breathtaking drive. Here are some of the pictures from our trip. I couldn't upload them all because there is to many. Sorry to my facebook friends because these are repeats.
Waterfall on the Road to Hana.

Panorama of Waikiki.

Our sandman we made in Maui.

Rainbow Eucalyptus on the Road to Hana.

Pineapple field at the Dole Plantation.

Black Sand Beach on the Road to Hana.

Bryan and I on Waikiki Beach.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas At My Parent's House!

Every Christmas we spend the day over at my parent's house since we do my husband's family celebration on Christmas Eve. This year we had a new edition to the family. My brother and sister-in-law welcomed a baby girl named Zoe in November. Here are some pictures of the family.

The Grandparents and grandkids.
My dad and Zoe.

My dad, Zoe, Logan, and Caden.

My Sister-in-law, brother, and Zoe.

Zoe and I.

Miss Zoe. She's all wide eyed and bushy tailed. :)

Our family.

Christmas Eve!

Merry Christmas Eve! Every Christmas eve we all dress up in our jammies and head over to my husbands aunt's house for some good food, family, and gift exchange. As you can see all three boys were being impatient and just wanted us to hurry up and take the picture so that we could get going. :)

Friday, December 25, 2009

My Husband's New Toy!

My husband has been dabbling in photography for the past year and I must say he is very good at it. All the pictures that I post seem to get a comment from at least someone saying how beautiful his pictures are. He has even gotten some of his pictures excepted onto stock photography websites. I tend to neglect my blog with his beautiful pictures because lately my life has been consumed with this rotten website called Facebook. I'm sure most if not all have been afflicted by it also.
He has now begun to take pictures of other families. He did his first informal photo shoot last Saturday for a friend of ours. I do have to tell you that a lot of the pictures turned out really cute. I will be asking this family if I may post some on my photography blog that I will be creating for his work. Right now we are doing "Pro Bono" work. Basically we are using our friends as guinea's. I'm sure they don't mind because they will get cute family portraits out of it for free.
Bryan's style is more carefree and flowing. He does not like the sit down and pose look. He likes to shoot the subjects in their daily lives rather than make them do cardboard cutout poses. He likes to capture the children playing or acting like themselves whether it be bratty or happy go lucky. He likes to capture the families doing the same things. He does do some posing but it's at the families request because they would like some sit down pictures.
Up above is the new toy that I got him for Christmas. I am not even going to mention how much this thing costs because everyone's jaw would drop. If you know me I am a bargain hunter and I did everything in my power not to pay full price. I just happened to be in the right place at the right time. This was not a deal I could pass up and I knew he just had to have it. He has been talking about this lens for the past 6 months and now he doesn't have to talk about anymore besides to say that he loves it. This lens is a Nikon 70mm-200mm 2.8 lens. He is still trying to learn the ends and outs of it. I know he'll make something beautiful out of it and it will be worth every penny I spent.
Keep your eye out for a link to our new photography blog. Once I get permission I will be posting pictures of the families that allow us too.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Our Christmas Card Picture 2009!

Merry Christmas from the Treguboff's!

Isn't it the cutest picture you have ever seen!
P.S. This will now become our blog picture. :)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Another Doctor Added To Our List!

Zane had his appointment at the audiology department last week and it didn't go as planned. I had hoped that we would be able to get in and out without a fuss and unfortunately that was not the case. As soon as the audiologist took one look in his ears she said he wouldn't pass the hearing test. I could just feel my heart sink at that very moment and yet I still had some hope. She went on to say that he has fluid on one ear and the other is compacted with wax. I know that sounds gross but the wax is so far in there that I can't get it out. This little finding leads us to the new doctor that will be added onto our list.

We are to schedule an appoinment with the ENT at Phoenix Children's Hospital. I think this will be a good thing because he will be able to clear his ears and also possibly help with his congestion and faucet running nose. We'll see.

As for school they decided that they didn't think it was fair to hold Zane up from getting the services he needs since we are technically trying to get the hearing situation taken care of. We had his IEP meeting on Monday and everything went well. I must say that when I walked into the meeting I was expecting doom and gloom. It actually went great and we got everything we asked for. As of February 1st my little chunkers will be a preschooler at:

FBC (Foundation For Blind Children)

This is very exciting for us. I absolutely did not want him in the district school and obviously I got my point across. Now I just have to get him registered and they have to figure out the whole nursing situation for him and then we'll be up and going.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Hello! Can you hear me?

First off, Zane's IEP went well. Almost all of his evaluations went as planned and it seems as though he may get to go to FBC. I couldn't put enough emphasis on how badly I didn't want him to go to the district schools. Hopefully I got my point across and our wish will be granted.

One evaluation didn't go as I hoped. Before a child is allowed to be put into a special education program they must have a hearing test done. We know and assume that Zane's hearing is fine. We are hoping that the test that they were trying to perform at the evaluation was wrong. The hearing test kept saying "REFER". So here begins our new path to see another doctor. Zane has an appointment with the audiologist tomorrow. We will get his hearing tested by a specialist to make sure that everything is fine there. We believe he can hear but it does concern me that it kept saying "REFER". We'll see I guess. If it's not ok then what's another thing right? It's just one more thing to add to the list.