Wednesday, February 24, 2010

New Glasses!

My son Logan who is 7 got his first pair of glasses this week. He loves his glasses and I must say he looks pretty darn cute. His teacher was the one that was concerned about his vision since he kept squinting at the board or making comments on how he couldn't see far. So I took him into the eye doctor and sure enough he's near sighted. Here's a pic of him in his new glasses.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

1 Mile Fun Run!

Last Saturday our boys ran 1 mile for the 1 Mile Fun Run that was hosted by Goodyear in Action. They had a great turnout and a lot of kids were pumped and ready to run. After the run they recieved a metal for all their hard work and a goody bag full of nutrional snacks and a pedometer. They also wore their Crossfit Fury shirts to represent our gym! Way to go boys!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Christmas All Year Round in Zane's Room!

We found one thing that will keep Zane occupied for hours. Can you guess what it is in this

You guessed it! Christmas Lights! He loves them. We found this out this past Christmas. If he was being crabby we would stick him in front of the Christmas tree and he would immediately turn into a joyful smiley boy. We decided that since he likes the lights so much that we would hang them in his room! It's been awesome watching him coo and smile over the lights. He sleeps with them on every night.

Salmon Tacos and some Paleo Recipes!

Since we have joined Crossfit Fury we have really taken a different approach to our diet. We have cut out almost all sugar and are eating lots and lots of vegetables and fruits. Protein is another item that we have been consuming. We have only been using grass fed beef in very lean quantities.

Yesterday for lunch we decided to make Salmon tacos. Since I had my first fish taco down in Mexico, I have fallen in love with them. They are so good! Here is the recipe for the salmon tacos.

My husband and I have also tried a few recipes from the Paleo diet. We are not doing this diet at all but thought that we would try a few new things. The recipes were actually delicious. Here is the link where we get our recipes from. We have tried the Chicken and Veggie Roll Ups and the Beef/Sausage soup.

Take a look and try! You may really like them.