Thursday, October 21, 2010

1 down, a few to go!

As many of you know, Zane has been put on the keto diet for seizure control. Since we have been on this diet we have decided to eliminate one of his many medications. The medication we chose is Topomax because it can be harsh on the kidneys while on the keto diet and it requires an extra medication to be taken along with it so that crystals don't build up in the kidneys.

Zane has been off the medication four at least four days now. I know it's going to take a little time to get completely out of his system but he seems to be doing well with the change. He is having at least 1 seizure almost everyday but they seem rather controlled. Controlled you may ask??? How can you call them controlled?? Let's just say he's not flopping around like he used to. We hope that this change will continue to be a positive move on our part and that this medication will not have to be put back in the daily schedule.

Now the question is: "What do we do with all these pills?" If we are so hopeful do we throw them out then or keep them just in case?

Button Buddies!

After some serious leakage from Zane's g-tube port I decided that something needed to be done. His little belly was turning red around the port and you could tell that the skin wanted to breakdown. We have tried wrapping gauze around it but it only stays good for a few hours.

After some intense searching and speaking to other parents, I learned about a lady that makes g-tube cloth wraps with velcro. Her site is called Button Buddies. The button buddies come in all kinds of different styles from leopard print to the dinosaur ones that Zane is wearing. She was quick with Zane's order and they immediately shipped out the day of his order. We received them in the mail today and we are hopeful that this will be the answer to his leaking problem. :)

P.S. Look at that gut! Love his chubs!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Wow! It's been awhile!

The title says it all! It's been awhile since I last posted. I guess we have been very busy with the boys since they started school. All three of them our off to school this year and it has been such a wonderful break for this mama!

My husband and I started a new adventure in photography. You can check out our site at It has been fun to say the least and I must say he isn't bad. My husband is the one that takes the pictures but I work together with him for the ideas and editing. Right now we are getting prepared to do Christmas cards which should be fun. I'll be posting a few pics from those sessions as they come about.

Well that's it for now! We hope everyone is doing well!